What's the difference between Snell & Associates consulting and other consultants? The difference is clear and simple from the beginning... we get to know you before offering any consulting. This is generally accomplished through one of our initial "free" services... Internal Organization Assessment or Pre - Campaign Analysis.
Our consultation considers all factors relevant to achieving your vision and recommends an in-depth action plan to help you achieve results and realize your vision as quickly and as effectively as possible. We provide comprehensive consulting expertise in the areas of Resource Development & Organizational Development.
Internal Organization Assessment
A successful a rule of thumb based upon Snell & Associates years of experience recommends that no major fundraising initiative be undertaken by a non-profit unless the proposed effort is an integral part of the organization's strategic or business plan. If confirmed as the case, then our "free" Internal Organization Assessment will assist in the self-audit of the agency's current systems for service delivery. For example, the success of an agency can be measured by the number of "key quality community leaders" serving on its Board.

Pre-Campaign Analysis
Using the same "rule of thumb", a non-profit that has decided to embark on a major gifts fund raising initiative - annual, capital or endowment campaign---our "free" Pre-Campaign Analysis will assist in the self-evaluation of the level of preparedness of that organization. For example, only 25% of non-profits are prepared to move forward in a campaign upon the successful completion of a feasibility study.

Planning/Feasibility Study
Snell & Associates has designed a study process that is much more that simply identifying where the money is? who has it? how much are they willing to give? Our Planning/Feasibility Study performs 6 essential tasks for our clients concerning annual, capital or endowment campaigns:(1) identifies philanthropic interest, (2) measures and builds momentum, (3) identifies leaders and volunteers, (4) evaluates community perception, (5) determines organizational preparedness and (6) measures impact of external factors.

Executive Coaching
The success and demand for Snell & Associates Executive Coaching has been attributed to it being more than management consulting, advice giving, mentoring or simple one-on-one training, and definitely being more than simply being a good listener. It is a RELATIONSHIP--focused on helping an individual develop greater awareness of self; how they impact others and their environment; make personal and meaningful changes in attitude and behavior; and develop the capacity for ongoing learning and growth as a person and as a leader.

Board Training and Leadership Development
Board members knowing and understanding their roles and responsibilities is critical to the present and future success of any non-profit. Snell & Associates will design and implement a plan and program built to meet agency needs based upon data gathered from agency as well as other information including our Internal Organizational Assessment. Our concentration will be on the important understanding of these roles and responsibilities to key quality leaders.

Grant Writing
The proposal submitter has a good idea but the proposal is poorly written is the NUMBER ONE reason given by funding sources as to why a proposal is rejected. In this day of decreased funding and increased competition, Snell & Associates grant writers can significantly improve the quality and potential of your proposal to a prospective funder through one of our 3 grant writing services:
1. Funding Research--We will research and develop a list of potential funding resources that fit your agency needs and programs in addition to composing letters of inquiry for your signature.
2. Proposal Development--We will write and develop grants based upon our research or your agency. This service includes consulting, utilizing needs assessments, and brainstorming workable solutions, as well as cultivating goals and objectives. We will draft an evaluation plan, prepare documents for submission, proof read, and send the document to your agency for submitting.
3. Proposal Review & Evaluation--If your nonprofit has prepared a proposal and would appreciate a professional evaluation prior to submitting, we will score your proposal, identify weaknesses and make suggestions for improvement.

The role of our Associates is to offer solutions to a non-profit's personal needs or challenges. Our concentration and priority are always our client's developmental issues---board, staff, organization or campaign. The consultation skills we use are derived from history and experience and not trial and error or cookie-cutter approaches that cost both valuable time and money for all involved.

Crisis Management
All nonprofits should have in place a well crafted crisis management plan that details the steps explaining how it will react to a surprise or unexpected event. We believe an organization in today's constantly changing nonprofit environment must be flexible to react on a daily basis. The most recent example being the current economic downturn that has created a "crisis" that no well meaning plan could have foreseen. However it will be how quickly and effectively an agency responds that will determine its survival and future during this "financial crisis." Our counsel will assist an organization in developing a strategy which allows for immediate resolution to crisis as well as the implementation of next steps in minimizing impact and providing direction for the agency's future.

Capital & Endowment Campaigns
An Endowment Campaign is the money raised to cover ongoing, operational expenses, or to fund special projects and a Capital Campaign is the money raised to acquire or improve a physical asset. Both are very similar in their planning and management, however the major difference is capital funds are not retained and invested to yield income. Your nonprofits success or failure with either Campaign is the Consultant you choose. Our history of Campaign success starts with your Strategic Plan and our Pre-Campaign Analysis; moves to our Planning/Feasibility Study and Pre-Campaign Preparation; and concludes with our Campaign Consultation and Follow Up. Contact Us